About Unison Events

What We Do

Unison Events brings readers unforgettable virtual events with luminaries of page, stage, and screen. Each star of a Unison Event shares one thing in common: they’re the author of a soon-to-be bestselling book. Every ticket to a Unison Event includes a copy of the author’s book that is mailed to your doorstep.

The creative force behind Unison Events recognized that many fans are unable to make it to a major city where an author is conducting a tour of theaters and auditoriums with a show in support of their book launch. Furthermore, many highly creative celebrity authors are too busy producing their music, films, and other fruits to embark on a nationwide/worldwide tour at all. Unison Events bridges this gap and hosts memorable evenings of entertainment that can be viewed around the world at any time.

Who We Are

Unison Events is a sister platform of, which has brought the world over 500 virtual book signing events with many of the biggest names in entertainment, literature, sports, and more since 2015. Some of LiveSigning’s most memorable events have included Jackie Chan, Kevin Hart, Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, Charlie Daniels, Gordon Ramsay, Flea, Jerry Rice, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton, John Cena, James Patterson, and hundreds of others. 

Unison Events and LiveSigning are brought to you by the dedicated team of creative book sellers at Premiere Book Group. Based in Nashville, TN, Premiere Book Group is a rapidly emerging, independent eCommerce bookseller. Some of Premiere’s other channels and platforms include,, and The entire Premiere team wishes you a joyful event, and happy reading!


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