An Evening with Jonathan Rauch and Steven Pinker

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In Defense of the Truth.

    Arming Americans to defend the truth from today’s war on facts

    An evening with Jonathan Rauch and Steven Pinker
    Disinformation. Trolling. Conspiracies. Social media pile-ons. Campus intolerance. Today we are a country divided by alternative facts, fake news, conspiracy theories, and “cancel culture”—reaching us from as far away as Russia and as close as our cellphones. 
    A new book, THE CONSTITUTION OF KNOWLEDGE, by Brookings senior fellow Jonathan Rauch, is an ambitious dive into how to think about the norms and institutions that keep us collectively tethered to reality—and about attacks on our shared understanding of the world. It also offers actionable steps toward winning the knowledge wars. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anne Applebaum calls THE CONSTITUTION OF KNOWLEDGE “a book which anyone who cares about truth and democracy needs to read,” and the renowned social psychologist Jonathan Haidt labels it “among the three or so most important books I have read in the last five years.”
    Join Jonathan Rauch and bestselling author and Harvard professor Steven Pinker on June 10 for a spirited discussion about disinformation, canceling, and other new threats to our fact-based epistemic order—and how to safeguard that order.
    Each ticket includes access to this special event and a copy of Jonathan Rauch’s new book THE CONSTITUTION OF KNOWLEDGE.
An Evening with Jonathan Rauch and Steven Pinker

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